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How to appeal against a Child Maintenance Day to Day Care Decision

CMS  Day to Day Care Tribunal Preparation and Tribunal Representation

Preparation is very important because if the Tribunal does not have the correct evidence, it can’t determine the shared care or day to day care case and may seek an adjournment which drags the time out. However, if evidence is continually not supplied and someone is deemed deliberately not to be helping the Tribunal, it may just draw adverse inference and will make a judgement based on what it can see and what opinion it forms. Being properly prepared with help from people experienced in attending and representing at Tribunals can save time and money. 

Durham Legal Services offers the following CMS appeal services:-

At Durham Legal Services, we have attended hundreds of appeals making us the leading company in the country specialising in child maintenance tribunals. We now specialise in helping people to prepare for their own hearings, particularly in shared care and day to day care issues where our team of lawyers have been instrumental in shaping day to day care child maintenance legislation.

What to expect at a Tribunal hearing

Tribunal judges have one role only and that is to interpret child support legislation to achieve the overriding objective of finding the highest child maintenance payment available. The very nature of a Tribunal is inquisitive and any paying parent should expect to get a grilling at the hearing, even if the appeal is about day to day care matters. They will be asked lots of questions about their care arrangements and how it is set up and they will be expected to know the answers. This is why you need to be properly prepared with the correct guidance, support and evidence. If you are hesitant or unsure, the Tribunal will view you as being unreliable and that is the most common reason why Tribunals draw a negative conclusion that a Regulation 50 decision is being sought just to avoid paying child support.

Where people go wrong

It is easy to confuse shared care with day to day care and even some Tribunal panels don't differentiate properly. We will advise you properly and make sure you have the right evidence for your case and that the Tribunal pays it attention.


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